photoAlquimia,, is a creative artistic studio co-founded by the couple Pilar Balsalobre and Carlos Jiménez, with a history of 15 years in the creation, design and production of narratives and tools to raise awareness, awareness and dissemination of the environment, nature and sustainability.

The trajectory of the study can be coherently perceived as a bridge between human beings and nature, exploring their diverse arc of relationships and generating a deep dialogue between the user and the objects, spaces and transformative experiences that they develop.

Multidisciplinary in nature, and convinced of the power of simplicity "less is more", each project they undertake is carried out with a unique approach, mixing and refining in an alchemical way, ingredients from nature, crafts, industry, culture and tradition.

Art and design are their main working tools, through which they develop critical points of view in the search for more harmonious relationships with the environment that sustains us.

Among the work areas they develop, we can mention the design and production of spaces for interpretation and re-connection with nature, permanent and traveling exhibitions, events, artistic installations, eco-design and photography. The studio has received various national and international awards and its works have been published in prestigious architectural, art and design publishing houses.