PATANEL, the craft beers from Carabanchel.

Malt, yeast, hops and neighborhood... lots of neighborhood.

Driven by a passion for beer and love for their neighborhoods, four Carabancheleros joined forces to create PATANEL, a brand of craft beers that also promotes and collaborates in social, educational and artistic initiatives to revitalize the neighborhood of Carabanchel.



Label design

We designed a label for each of the PATANANEL beers. All the labels have the same style but the colors are different to differentiate the flavors: Golden, Red Ale, Ipañel, Black and Wheat. To promote the neighborhood, each of the different labels shows architectural landmarks of Carabanchel, such as the roof Palacio Vistalegre, the entrance to the Colonia de la Prensa, the Hermitage of Santa María la Antigua, the Puente de Toledo and the Hermitage of San Isidro.


Web photography