MARTE, Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Castelló.

PIXELATA, sustainable and participatory art

This is a Recycled Art installation, made with the pixelation technique, painting on recycled beverage cans (pixelata), developing a 190 x 535 cm canvas. and being necessary 3,000 recycled cans for its realization, the same ones that are consumed in Spain every 10 seconds.
The reason for working on this material is due to the infinite recycling capacity that an aluminum can has, being an excellent example to transform the concept of garbage into a valuable resource and understand concepts such as recycling and the circular economy.
The piece is totally sustainable and recyclable. The day it was decided to remove it, it would only be necessary to melt it to get 50 kg of aluminum. This piece has been possible thanks to the participation of many residents of the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel in recycling the 3,000 cans needed.
Preparation of cans, painting and assembly of modules


“The same mouths that now remain hidden have left their invisible mark on the 3,000 recycled cans that spin the canvas of this work. The piece invites to undertake a journey of exploration to a remote landscape emerged from the integration of two elements, a woman's mouth and the ocean.It is the moment to free the organ of the word to suggest an entrance, a door that communicates the outer world with the inner world. The lips of a woman, a journey towards the abstract, the feminine, what gives life, an immersion into the deep ocean that bathes her, symbol of the unconscious and origin of life. Just as the earth was born from the bottom of the oceans… from the primordial waters, a woman goddess emerges ”. The piece refers to a woman's mouth and the ocean on a voyage of exploration to a remote landscape that emerges in the integration of these two elements.


Assembly at Les Aules Espai Cultural Obert, Castelló, for presentation to the media of the MARTE Fair.

Installation in the entrance hall of the Auditori and Palau de Congressos de Castelló.

Round table discussion:
“In Trash we trust: Basura Transmutada En Arte”

During the fair there was a round table, moderated and organized by Muskilda Villanueva, called "In Trash we trust: Trash Transmuted Into Art" in which we had the pleasure of participating together with Pablo Montoya and Blas Montoya from Trashformaciones, and Pedro Kouba, sharing among all, our experiences with collaborative art, sustainability, circular economy and respect for the environment.