Titobowl is a vessel specially designed for tasting different varieties and dressings olives with pit, although it has been adapted for tasting pitted olives and other snacks because turning the top cap of the container, it becomes a toothpick holder.



"One day, in a meeting with some guest, we tasted an exquisite selection of varieties of olives with pit from various regions of Spain. Within a few minutes of the meeting, we witnessed an uncomfortable situation. Each of those present, seemed to search for the best solution to get rid of the olive pit ("tito"), observing in them all sorts of gestures Some of them deposited on a napkin in view of everyone, others thrown it to the ground, we even saw as some of them hid it discreetly in their pocket. And it was at that precise instant, watching curiously an olive showing the pit in sight, when from source of the problem, the solution emerged to solve it. It was in this way that the inspiration for the design of TITOBOWL emerged.."


Artisanal production

For manufacturing it, we use stoneware and olive tree turned wood by hand, a mixture of a cold material with a warm one, attached to a painstaking craft production.



The packaging design is inspired by the image of a can of olives. This box is made by hand, entirely made of cardboard and recycled paper, making it a unique example of eco-packaging, fully respectful of the environment. To open the packaging, you must pull the pull-tab of cardboard, in the same way you would open a can of olives, so it also becomes an excellent gift object.




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